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SMT Production Technician

Date Posted:

March 18, 2009

Job Category:

Maintenance Production Quality Control Technical Support


Clearwater, Florida, USA

Willing to Relocate?:

Yes (I am interested in relocating mainly to the Ohio Valley area (IN,OH,KY). I would consider northern IN, IL and MI. I am also interested in TN, AL, GA, SC areas.)

Summary of Qualifications:

I have approximately 14 years experience in the Electronics manufacturing industry. I have experience from manual assembly to machine technical support for SMT eqiupment. I also have some experience with AI equipment. I have Automatic Optical Inspection operation, maintenance and programming experience.

�Monitor inspection data, machine statistics, proper documentation, SPC data, debug programs.
�Keep PMs Current.
�SMT Database Review and Usage. Enter containment action, root cause, and corrective action into SMT database for any downtime event.
�Edit programs for speed and placement, component recognition, profile screen printers, and assist process development
�Program NSpec Automatic Optical Inspection Equipment
�Level 1 Maintenance Certification for Universal GSM Flexjet.
�Completion of IPC Process and Assembly Specifications
�Assist Training New Technicians

Machine Experience
�KME Create chip shooters � CM 82
�KME Create pick and place � CM 92, CM 96
�KME Create adhesive dispensers � BD 12
�Universal chip shooters � HSP 4791, 4796, 4797
�Nspec AOI
�Universal Automatic ion � DIP, VCD Sequencers

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