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Manufacturing head

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March 22, 2009

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Gurgaon, India

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� Heading daily morning meeting with all program managers, materials manager, test engineering manager, process engineering manager, quality control manager, planning manager, stock room manager, shipping department head. Discussion about incoming orders and preparation materials wise , when parts are coming in , if we have lead time issue on parts , resolving the issues to get parts on time, discussion about kits situation from stock room , making sure kits comes out on time on the floor to start production , discussion with engineering dept. (process / testing ) to resolve any process or test related issues. �

Meeting with production engineers ( 1st shift and 2nd shift ) to review production schedule for both shifts. Making sure meeting production targets for both shifts with Quality and Quantity.�

Leading 130 people on production floor, 80 in 1st shift and 50 in 2nd shift , including operators, technicians and engineers. Reviewing their annual performance .�

Close interactions with maintenance dept., monitoring the preventive maintenance activities.� Close interactions with PPC ( production planning and control ) on kit planning. � Close interactions with material requirement planning and follow-up with materials dept. �

Close interactions with engineering dept. for any ECN ( engineering change note ) , preparation of new BOM ( bill of materials ) for new orders , creation of new part numbers etc. , test engineering dept. for test related issues , getting ready for new test fixtures for ICT ( in circuit tester ) or FT ( functional tester ) for new orders , modification in existing test fixtures , process engineering dept. for process routing , visual aids , for setting up new process and training operators on new process.�

Close interactions with shipping department to make sure on time delivery to all customers.�

Implementation of Lean Manufacturing principals ( eight week production time cut to four weeks ) , Cellular Manufacturing ( cells for different customer ) and Flow Manufacturing on the assembly line , JIT using KANBAN system , 5 S activity on the floor , KAIZEN approach to improve productivity by continuous improvement in the process.�

Monitoring on time delivery by customer request date and our promise date, labor rate control , DPPM , Sales order , Back Log etc. �

Monitoring SMT and Wave soldering machines efficiencies by OEE.�

Calling NPI ( New Product Introduction ) meeting , DFM meetings.�

Managing and resolving inter departmental issues. �

Monitoring ESD control on the floor.

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