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Experienced Electronics Manufacutring Engineer

Date Posted:

May 4, 2009

Job Category:

Engineering Maintenance Research and Development Technical Support


Wayland, Michigan, USA

Willing to Relocate?:

Yes (I am most definitely willing to relocate.)

Summary of Qualifications:

-Young, energetic, and eager individual ready and willing to learn new skills and exercise my current skill set.

-Trained and proficient in the following pieces of equipment: MyData Pick and Place, Dek screen printers, Cyberoptic and Koh Young SPI, YesTech AOI, BTU Reflow Ovens, ATCO Rework Station, Glenbrook Tech and Dage X-Ray, Austin American Inline Cleaner, Pillarhouse Jade Selective Solder, PVA and Asymtek Automated Coating.

-Able and experienced in all aspects related to implementing new jobs and keeping running jobs up to date and current including: Screen ordering, BOM changes and conditioning, machine programming, fixture designing and building, cost evaluations, process and work flow, reflow profiling.

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