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Equipment Technician

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October 15, 2009

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Parañaque, Philippines

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Preventive Maintenance
Execution of Preventive Maintenance activities, using the following frame work:

Machine Cleaning, Inspection, Lubrication, Repair, Replace and Calibration.

PM Documentation
PM Master schedule
PM Checklist
Work Instructions
PM Specs.
PM Tags and Stickers
Machine Buy-off

Machine Assessment
Activity to determine condition of machines running in production.
Involves Zero or minimal stoppage.
Pre-identified parts are generally targeted to assessment.

Failure Recovery
(Coordination and/or participation in activities to repair machines under major breakdown (Projected Long term repair).


Knowledgeable to operate, troubleshooting minor and major problems, can perform machine maintenance and calibrations, and can install major parts of SMT Machines. Can perform Machine Programming,

Machine Handled:

Yamaha Chipmounter And IC Placer Machines:
YVL88, YVL88II, YV88x, YV88xg, YV100, YV100x, YV100xg, YG200.

Panasonic Machines Chipmounter, IC Placer, and Screenprinters:
CM20, CM88, CM202, CM402, CM602, CM212, CM301, DT401, SP28, SP60.

Assembleon Chipmounter and Die Attached Machine:
AX3 and AX5, D9 Die Bonder Machine.

Panasert Machines (Chipmounter and IC Placer) Turret type:

Oven Machines:
Heller1500, Heller1700, Heller1809, Heller MKIII, Heller1809EXL. Eightec Techron Machine.

Screenprinter Machines:
Minami MK880sv, Minami MK838sv, Minami MK850 MarkII, DekELA, MPM.

Underfill Dispenser Machines:
Camalot Machine

Washing Machines:
Aqueous Machine, Aquastorm 200.

Automatic Optical Inspection Machines (Basic Operation and basic Calibration)
Marantz, Saki, JVC.

Stencil Cleaner Machine:
SAWA Machine.

Fuji Machine Chipmounter (Basic Operation, Calibration and Programming):
Fuji CP6, Fuji CP642, Fuji CP643.

Fuji Machine Screenprinter (Basic Operation):

Feeder Maintenance and Calibrations.
Feeder type handled: Yamaha, Panasonic CM, Panasert, Fuji, AX3, and D9 feeders.

Knowledgeable in Computer Programming and Troubleshooting, Set-up hardware and software (Win98 to Vista).


1. Generate corrective actions for process failure.
2. Generate Corrective Action Report.
3. Generate Preventive Maintenance Checklist.
4. Generate documents (feeder, stencil, and machine checklist) for SMT machines or NON-SMT
5. Conduct machine assessment & minor machine modification and Machine restoration including
the machine improvements.
6. Periodic preventive maintenance activities for SMT machines.
7. Quality & buy off new SMT machines.

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