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Date Posted:

December 10, 2009

Job Category:

Quality Control



Willing to Relocate?:

No (Any where in Bangalore)

Summary of Qualifications:

New Model Evaluation

• Testing & Evaluation of New TV models as per the relavant standards & release the defect free product for Mass Production
• Measurement of audio parameters like Max out put, distotion, S/N ratio, hum, buzz etc
• To conduct audio listening test & compare with main competitors model like Sony, Philips, LG etc
• To plot audio frequency response from 20Hz to 20KHz & ensure that product meets the standard requirements
• To check woofer sound quality for woofer models & measure woofer output from 40HZ – 400Hz
• To work with R&D team to improve the performance & quality of the product
• To conduct various tests on video parameters like Video frequency response, noise limited sensitivity, S/N ratio, Tuner selectivity & sensitivity etc
• To conduct safety test on the product to ensure that product meets the standard requirement
• New component evaluation to ensure that product meets quality, reliability, safety, productivity requirements & giving approval for procurement
• To set up the fecilities required for productionising the New model
• To set procedures, Production flow and work instruction for smooth production in accordance with the product requirements
• Training the operators for new model testing & inspection
• Conducting EMC test on export models to ensure the product meets the standard requirements

Quality Control

• Ensuring the product quality by Sampling Inspection for various AQL (Acceptable Quality Level)
• Ensuring that product meets various regulatory approvals
• Conduct process Quality audit for SMT, AI (Auto Insertion), PCB Assy & Final Assy
• Applying SPC (Statistical Process Control) techniques to reduce process rejections
• Ensure process is set as per EMS requirements
• Conducting reliability test to minimise the field failure
• Maintainance & Calibration of of Central signal system to ensure zero breakdown
• Calibration of test & measuring instruments traceable to national standards
• Collection of data & analyzing customer complaints & initiating corrective actions to eliminate the problems
• Daily rejection analysis and feedback to respective departments on regular basis in order to raise the areas of concern and further improvement on quality, process and productivity, which results in FPY (First Pass Yield) improvement.
• Implementing 5s standards (Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke) in work stations
• To motivate the team members to suggest new kaizen in their work station in order to improve productivity, quality, safety & reduction in cost

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