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Sr. Systems Analyst, Sr. Software Engineer

Date Posted:

February 21, 2011

Job Category:

Engineering Research and Development


Vestal, New York, USA

Willing to Relocate?:

Maybe (Job search is currently for the Binghamton, NY area and within reasonable commuting distance. I will also consider per diem contract work up to 4 hours drive from Vestal NY. I may consider relocation to within 200, possibly 300 miles of Buffalo NY where the relatives are. Not NYC, Boston, or other megametropolis areas. Note to recruiters: all submittals of my name or resume must be cleared by me to avoid duplicate and inappropriate submissions. Failure to do so will disqualify you from representing me.)

Summary of Qualifications:

Experienced Sr./Principal Software Engineer and Systems Analyst in various applications, especially embedded real time systems and device drivers and board support including 80x86, Power PC, Motorola 68K, TI DSPs and a number of other platforms using a variety of languages, primarily C, C++, ADA, and assembly.

Performed full software life cycle, including requirements analysis, system design, detailed software design, development, unit testing, integration testing, hardware and software trouble shooting using various debuggers, ICEs, logic and protocol analyzers, other HW/SW tools, various real-time operating systems, Linux, UNIX, UML, version control systems and IDEs. Commercial and Military standards. Filled the "holes" in many projects.

Talent for solving complex design and troubleshooting problems. Solved problems on several projects that had plagued others for over a year. Productivity enhancements earned me the name "Utility Man". Avid manual reader and self learner.


  • C, C++, ADA, and FORTRAN languages
  • Assembly languages for INTEL x86, Power PC, Motorola 68K,.Previous experience with about two dozen assembly languages including DEC PDP 8/15/11, Motorola µPs, and IBM Mainframe.
  • Previous experience with many higher-order languages including SAS, PL/M, PL1, SNOBOL, COBOL UTILITIES
  • real-time debuggers & in circuit emulators, Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) such as GNU tools, Tornado, Visual C++, Code Composer Studio. PC utilities including MS Office WORD, Excel, Access, MKS Integrity, Code Collaborator, CVS, WINCVS, Subversion, Razor, SYNERGY, PVCS, Rational Clearcase, LDRA, and a long list of editors and other utilities
  • Linux and UNIX utilities and shells (C, Bourne, etc.), CVS, GNU tools
  • IBM Mainframe utilities, including JCL, TSO, ISPF, SDSF, SCLM, IDCAMS, IEBGENER, IEBCOPY, Librarian, and other a number of other utilities
  • 2167A, DOORS, Rational Rose UML, Cadre, SUPERcase, and other software development standards and tools
  • DEC VAX VMS, CMS (code management system), MMS (module management system), DCL (Digital Command Language), library routines, VAX TPU (VAX Text Processing Utility, a.k.a. EVE), DEC Standard Edit (EDT), DECWrite, RUNOFF and other DEC utilities

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