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Manufacturing engineer & SMT process engineer

Date Posted:

February 28, 2012

Job Category:

Engineering Maintenance Production


Riyadh 11623, Philippines

Willing to Relocate?:

Yes (Willing to relocate to any states or city)

Summary of Qualifications:

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Connected in the field of manufacturing/electronics industry experienced in the line, Through Hole and Surface Mount Technology, worked on various Fuji Machines Universal model, such as: CP 643E chip shooter QP 242E chip mounter, GP 641E screen printer, Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI 7300 Teradyne), 6772A DIP, 6241B-C single head VCD, 6360B Radial Lead Inserter machines, GSM, Radial 8,TAB8 Together with AMP and Zierick Tabbing machines, Electrovert Wave, Reflow and Wash machine, OPTI-FLUX no clean fluxer machine and Taping machines.(3M/Little David). Worked on test equipment machine, such as ICT Teradyne Machine (Z1840, Z1888, Z1890), PCB Functional Machine (LABVIEW/WINDOWS ENVIRONMENT), Final Test Machine (LABVIEW/WINDOWS ENVIRONMENT), Electrical Safety Machine (LABVIEW/WINDOWS ENVIRONMENT), Universal Discharger Machine (DOS/WINDOWS ENVIRONMENT), Battery Tester Machine (DOS/WINDOWS ENVIRONMENT), AQL Machine (DOS/WINDOWS ENVIRONMENT), Battery Charger Fixtures (LABVIEW/WINDOWS ENVIRONMENT), System Configuration (LABVIEW/WINDOWS ENVIRONMENT), One Time Programming (OTP), Thermotron chamber and shaker machine (F40, F32, S32, SE100 and AST8).

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SMT feeders

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