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Process Engineering/Maintenance Technician

Date Posted:

July 18, 2012

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Engineering Maintenance Management Production Quality Control


Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA

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Summary of Qualifications:

• Certified CP643 Loader Calibration – FUJI American Chicago, IL 2001. • Certified - Cookson Performance Solutions BTU - PARAGON - P150 Oven – Maintenance & Electrical Troubleshooting Charlotte, NC 2001. • Certified UNIVERSAL (GSM) Platform: Operation and Maintenance with Flex/Hi-Force Head Operation and Maintenance and 4559A Platform Tray Feeder: Operation and Maintenance Charlotte, NC 2000. • Certified MPM Screener Hi-e AP Series – Root Cause Maintenance Charlotte, NC 2000. • Certified UNIVERSAL (GSM) Platform troubleshooting production on product – Charlotte, NC 2000. • Certified UNIVERSAL (GDM) Maintenance & Electrical charlotte, NC 2000. • Certified CP6 Maintenance troubleshooting electrical & mechanical FUJI American Chicago, IL 1998. • Certified GL5 Glue Dispenser – Troubleshooting electrical and Mechanical FUJI American Chicago, IL 1997. • Certified IPC-A-610D Class 3 - Acceptability of Electronic Assembly San Diego, CA 2007. • Certified Programming MCS30– FUJI American Chicago, IL1994. • Certified Programming COBOL - 85 Charlotte, NC 1993. • Certified Electronics Assembly San Diego, CA 1989. • Certified PHILIPS Assembleon Opal XII programming on productions 2007.

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