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Embedded system

Date Posted:

March 22, 2013

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Engineering Maintenance Management Production Quality Control Sales/Marketing


New Delhi, India

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Summary of Qualifications:

 Embedded System: 8085 Microprocessor, 8051Microcontrollert, 16 bit Renesas Microcontroller, ARM7, UART, RS-232, IR Sensor, Hall Sensor, Fingerprint Module, RF Module, EEPROM and GSM.  VLSI, VHDL.  Software’s Knowledge: Keil3, Flash Magic, Prog51, Proteus7.7, Docklight, SSCOM V1.0, Cube Suite+, Renesas Flash Programmer V1.02 and MS Office.  Languages: C, C++, Shell Scripting, Embedded C, UNIX.  Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, Window 7, Linux.

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