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SMT Prosess/Production Engineer

Date Posted:

May 4, 2014

Job Category:

Engineering Production Quality Control


Delhi, India

Willing to Relocate?:


Summary of Qualifications:

  • Programming, Operation, Maintenance,Troubleshooting of SMT machines.
  • Programming of cyber optics/saki(AOI)
  • Programmingn of pcb seperater
  • Temperature profiling (Making & Soldering)
  • Testing,Troubleshooting of microcontroller based PCAs
  • Apply new techniques to improve quality and Production.
  • Production, planning and Process control.    
  • Inspection of Material and Quality output.
  • Maintaining production & maintainces record .
  • application of 5-S,KAIZEN,POKA YOKE ,SIX SIGMA,7QC technique on several  places or quality, production & workplaces improvement.

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