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NPI Engineer

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July 29, 2014

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Theni, India

Willing to Relocate?:

Yes (I would like to work SMT related jobs. So no issue for relocation.)

Summary of Qualifications:

NPI Engineer: • Playing a role as NPI leader of the Telecom, Aerospace & Server Products to introduce and run to qualify the engineering build from customer. • Conducting Weekly NPI meeting with the CFT team to review the progress of the NPI schedule. • Calculating the Standard time of the whole process of new Product for RFQ. • Analyzing the Customer BOM of the product and identifying the processes involved and the stages required for production. • Product technology transfer from customer. • Verifying the FMEA and Defining the process flow. • Analyzing the customer documents and ensuring the Gerber for the available machine capabilities to identify any DFM Analysis using software “Graphic code”. • Creating and releasing the Work instructions for Process, Test, Assembly, box build and Packing. Working as Process engineer to run the product in line and to verify the LCR values with the customer BOM before qualifying the process to run solder paste PCB and verifying the SMT parameters. • Understand single and multi-level BOM structures. • ECO/ECR (Engineering Change Order/Request) evaluation and implementation in the system with excess/obsolete cost & in manufacturing process (Agile and Oracle). • Conducts troubleshooting/investigating to root cause on technical defect and generate report and provide preventive actions. • Responsible for solving all the process related issues like SMT, WAVE and all other stages. • On time pilot completion & move to ramp up to meet customer demand and maintain delivery accuracy in the High-Mix/ Low-Volume business scenarios.                                                                                                         • Handling the process SMT & Backend line to reduce the process issues and to improve the Yield and engineering quality of all running projects.                                                                                                            • Planning for the Tools and jigs fabrications related to the Project depends project requirement (likes Stencils, Manual soldering Jig, Wave pallet etc..) • Daily follow to the OEE(overall equipment efficiency) • Applying Conformal Coating for PCBA using machine and manual. • OrCAD(Cadance 16.5),Capture & PCB Editor.

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