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May 2, 2017

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BS Electronics and Communication Engineering                Gujarat University MS Electrical Engineering        California State University, Northridge 


Fabrication and Characterization of Silicon Carbide (SiC) MESFET (Masters of Science) Tools and Material Used: Kurt J Lesker Sputtering Machine, Silicon Carbide Wafer,   Responsibilities • I have program the Sputtering Machine for the oxidation process and Nickel coating on backside of the Wafer. • Photolithographic process using SIX step mask to make silicon carbide MESFET on the Wafer.  • I-V Characterization of Silicon Carbide MESFET.


Teaching Assistant / Peer Lab Assistant- California State University, Northridge Feb-2017 – Current Responsibilities • Tutored and responded to student clarifications on subject “VLSI and Solid State Device” • Communicated with professor and students • Design the homework, Quiz and Exams. • Trained students in “VLSI and Solid State Device” through lab activities

Lab Assistant at Microfabrication Research Lab-California State University, Northridge Jan2016-Dec2016      Work done: • Process of running the Kurt J Lesker Sputtering machine for Sputtering process on SiC (Silicon carbide) Wafer. • Lithographic process and RCA clean process on SiC Wafer. • Fabrication and Characterization of SiC MESFET.  • Experience working in Clean Room Facilities.  

SMT Engineer at Graphic Research, Northridge, CA, USA    Feb 2014-Current Work Done:

• I am responsible for the designing the flow process of the SMT Process, Assembly Process, Fabricating the PCB to the end electrical test process, and all type of rework. • I have documented the Engineering Change Note, Engineering Change proposal, Process Change Approval, Check list, Maintenance check list of machine, communication with vendors regarding shortage of materials, production status etc. • I have implemented the ISO 9000 based quality systems (Objective file, work order status, Product summary report, Machine downtime report, Manpower Training report, Customer feedback report, Scrap report, Scrap Approval Note, Delivery on time report, Corrective action form/ report). • I have workout in implementing the cost reduction, predictive and preventive maintenance practices, including process adjustments to increase both product quality and production yields. • I have technically trained the SMT machine operator and Assembly technician. • I have designed the Assembly flow process and Designed the Test procedure for Commercial product like Foot Paddles of Solo Dallas, EMP500 of Glitronics, Broadata, OES, WestPoint, Apogee and so on.  • Responsible for Programming the MYdata MY9 automation machine and the Panasonic machine for Pick and Place process of the surface mount device. Moreover, I also programed the automatic assembly machine device    • I have workout with the thermal profiling, reflow profiling, and screen printing (Designed the stencil which is used in SMT process for solder paste on the pads of PCB to solder the SMT components).  • Good experience in Hand solder and rework of all the SMD components like BGA, Micro-BGA, SOIC, SSOP and so on

TECHNICAL SKILLS  • Languages: C and C++. • Machine: Pick and Place, Wave Solder, Reflow Oven, Screen Printer and Glue Dispenser. • Application software: MS Office, Matlab, Cadence and Lab View. • Operating System: Linux, Unix, and Windows.

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