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Univeral Form and Trim Systems

Flex Form Systems that form and trim SMD's one side at a time. Perfect for short runs and prototyping. System will provide adjustable form widths to devices from 1/4" to 2.0" and provide component height stand-offs from 0 1.25 inches....

Vertical Access Press

Vertical Access press will house any of our form and trim tooling for processing SMD's The lower die set extends out from the press after processing for easy acces to the device ater processing. This system is available in either a manual or semi-automatic version ...

TAB Excise Tooling

TAB Excise Tooling. This tooling will excise 35, 48 and 70mm TAB devices to Customers Specifications. The Tooling is Self-Aligning and Quick Change. And will fit into any of our Vertical Access Presses....

TAB Excise and Form Tooling

TAB Excise and Form Tooling. This tooling will excise and form TAB devices to customers specifications. This tooling is self aligning and quick change and will fit into any of our Vertical Access Presses. This tooling incorporates a keeper bar clamping design....

Reflow Oven

Comprehensive Analytical Services and Support