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Dinex LTD. Hungary Second-hand SMT equipment, parts (feeders, placement heads, etc.) for all machines, drying cabinet, splicing tool, quality stencil cleaning roll, lasercut stencil »»

Headquarters: Budapest, Hungary

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Used and New SMT machines & parts

We can offer the following prodcuts in the field of secondhand SMT machine and parts: - Used SMT equipment, secondhand SMT pick and place machines, - SMT pick and place machine spare parts, - Used and new SMT feeders for all machine types, - used AOI/SPI/AXI ...

Used and New SMT machines & parts

Pick & Place

Laser cut SMT stencil

Stainless steel stencils - sizes from 200x200mm to 600x600mm. Stainless steel sheet stencil / aluminium frame stencil / special outer frame stencils Wide selection- from simple stainless stencil to nano-cover stencil, special SMD stencil from ...

Laser cut SMT stencil

Solder Paste Stencils

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High Precision SMT Fluid Dispensers

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