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With our head offices in London, England, alternativeSMT is one of the largest suppliers of refurbished SMT and thru-hole assembly equipment in Europe

AlternativeSMT hold a large inventory of well known manufacturers machines such as Fuji, MPM, Mydata and Universal. This gives us the ability to present solutions to a wide range of Electronic production needs.

All machines at AlternativeSMT come fully refurbished. This means that the machines are stripped down, a full inspection of all the parts is made and all worn and damaged parts are replaced. The machine is then built back up and calibrated to within its original specifications. At AlternativeSMT, refurbished doesn't just mean blowing the dust out!!

Our team of manufacture-trained engineers will install, commission, and offer full training tailored to your needs - including routine and preventative maintenance.

What are the advantages?

We can provide a highly cost effective alternative to buying new production equipment. Previously the risk of going into the second-user market was high. However using our specialised refurbishment skills you can remove the risk of buying a used machine and still reap the cost benefits. AlternativeSMT have made the second user market a real solution for the end-user.

Do you have well-maintained electronic assembly equipment?

We are always looking to buy your capital equipment - or talk to us about our unique brokerage service. To reduce selling time we can also take your machine on consignment for demonstration in our London facility.

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Maintenance and Servicing

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