Microjoin specializes in offering microwelding, heat seal, hot bar and welding assembly equipment used in bonding and microjoining of miniature mechanical and electrical sub-assemblies.


Microjoin utilizes technologies of reflow / bonding and welding by: resistance welding, reflow soldering, brazing, ACF bonding, heat seal, parallel gap welding, thermo-compression bonding, microwelding, and adhesive bonding through the use of ceramic hot bars, metal bars, and weld tips or electrodes. Microjoin is a new, wholly owned subsidiary of Palomar Technologies. It is comprised of the former welding and reflow soldering product line of Palomar Technologies (formerly Hughes Welders) and the hot bar bonding product line of Toddco General.

MicroJoin, Inc. Support
When a product is purchased from MicroJoin, Inc., supporting that product for our customer is important to us. Our staff of experienced engineers will do there best to offer solutions regarding your ever changing production needs, maintenance (repair and replace), and new product orders.

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Resistance Welding

Welding Systems, Power Supplies, Weld Heads...

Hot Bar Soldering

Reflow Systems, Power Supplies, Reflow Heads, Custom Fixtures...

ACF Bonding

Pulsed Heat Hot Bar Bonders, Computerized Control Systems, FPD Workstations...

IC Packaging

Electrode Tips and Bars

Ceramic Hot Bars, Metal Heater Bars, Custom Fixtures, Weld Tips,...

Jade Series Selective Soldering Machines

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