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Since its inception in 1976, National Instruments has revolutionized the way engineers and scientists work by empowering them with the personal computer. National Instruments develops and manufactures hundreds of integrated software and hardware products, which when combined with standard computers, are used to replace and/or communicate with traditional instrumentation and to monitor and control processes. As the world's leading computer-based measurement and automation supplier, National Instruments is dedicated to producing innovative solutions that help engineers and scientists achieve their goals - faster, better, and well under budget. For applications in research, development, production, test, and in service industries as diverse as telecommunications, automotive, semiconductor, aerospace, electronics, chemical, and pharmaceutical, engineers and scientists choose National Instruments quality and innovation. With our products, they communicate with and control traditional, stand-alone instruments, such as oscilloscopes, waveform generators and multimeters. Using our virtual instrumentation approach, they can also replace these vendor-defined instruments by turning their computer into the instrument or instruments that they need. In industrial settings, our products automate processes in factories and plants around the world. Engineers and scientists also take advantage of our software and hardware to monitor and control a wide range of processes, from refining oil to brewing beer and from manufacturing and testing cell phones to producing steel and paper.

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Thousands of successful engineers, scientists, and technicians use LabVIEW to create solutions for their demanding application needs. LabVIEW is a revolutionary graphical programming development environment based on the G programming language for dat...


TestStand is a ready-to-run test executive that organizes, controls, and executes your automated prototype, validation, or production test systems. TestStand is completely customizable, so you can modify and enhance it to match your specific needs. ...

PXI modular instrumentation

PXI CompactPCI for Measurement and Automation Spend Less, Do More, Finish First! PXI combines CompactPCI with Windows operating systems and integrated triggering to help you spend less, do more, and finish first. Your measurement and autom...


There's no room for error in your measurements. That's why National Instruments data acquisition (DAQ) products deliver the accuracy and performance you need. Whether your application is a full-scale production test system, or a low-budget laboratory...

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PCB Sourcing Using PCQR 2

Dec 13, 2017 | Al Block, Naji Norder, Chris Joran

In a global market, it is often difficult to determine the best PCB suppliers for your technology needs, while also a chieving the lowest costs for your products. Considering each PCB supplier has their own niche in t erms of equipment, process, and performance, uniform test data from the IPC -9151D Process Capability, Quality, and Relative Reliability (PCQR 2 ) Benchmark Test Standard can help find the right source for the board based on its specific technology requirements. By using a data-based approach to vendor selection, this can remove the subjective nature of sourcing, reduce the need for PCB process experts to map suppliers into technologies, and eliminate irrational sourcing decisions....

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National Instruments to Host Ninth Annual NIWeek Technology Conference

Apr 24, 2003 | Mars Pathfinder Mission Project Manager Brian Muirhead to Deliver Guest Keynote Address

National Instruments and Electronics Workbench Deliver New Circuit Design Educational Tools

Feb 26, 2003 | With the Multisim VI Library, educators and students now can more easily design, simulate, measure and test electronic circuits in an integrated software and hardware environment.

National Instruments Officially Opens First Overseas Manufacturing Plant

Mar 27, 2002 | NI Celebrates Grand Opening With Hungarian Prime Minister, U.S. Ambassador, Mayor of Debrecen

Fluid Dispensers

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