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A manufacturer of desoldering braid (wick) with an emphasis on continuing advancement in soldering/desoldering technology, visual and x-ray inspection systems, fume extraction, and solder paste inspection systems.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


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EB Solder / Rework Stations

EB Solder / Rework Stations


EB Solder / Rework Stations


Rework & Repair Equipment

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EasyBraid Co.


EB Solder / Rework Stations Description:

Easy Braid’s replacement soldering tips and rework stations provide power, performance, and reliability. The EB9000S, EB5000S, and EB2000S Soldering Rework Stations are based on Curie Heat Technology, a very precise and self-regulating scientific technology that guarantees high thermal recovery. Our soldering tips, made from oxygen-free high conductivity copper, are RoHS compliant and lead-free.

  • Temperature calibration not required on power meters
  • Dual switchable soldering ports
  • Built-in LCD display with 13.56MHz power supply on EB9000S power meters
  • Gold-plated connectors on Soldering Tips allow better connectivity
  • Stable Soldering Tip temperature
  • Longer service life and cost savings with increased plating on Soldering Tips
  • Operator training not required

EB Solder / Rework Stations product line:

Solder/Rework Station EB9000S

Solder/Rework Station EB9000S, EBM Tips, Tweezers Kit & Tips

The EB9000S Soldering Station features the EBM and EBM POWER PLUS series of tip cartridges and has a built-in LCD display. The EBM POWER PLUS soldering tips are compatible with OKI/Metcal ® "MX Series." For difficult soldering applications these are the tips to use. They have 15-20% more capacity and additional plating for longer tip life. The H suffix on the part number indicates the POWER PLUS Series.

Solder/Rework Station EB5000S

Solder/Rework Station EB5000S, ET Tips, and Tweezer Kit & Tips

The EB-5000S is based on Curie Heat Technology which responds to the thermal demands of each solder joint by adjusting the power instantaneously,thereby meeting the exact requirements of the substrate component and solder material.

Solder/Rework Station EB2000S

Solder/Rework Station EB2000S, EK, EP, ES Tips, and Tweezer Kit & Tips

Easy Braid's soldering stations provide years of reliable performance with the use of Curie Heat Technology, a scientific technology that regulates power instantly to respond to thermal requirements of solder joints. This technology is especially important in fine point soldering applications, such as on smartphone boards and hearing aids.

To complete all your soldering needs EasyBraid has Solder Soakers, sponges specifically designed for the electronics industry, and Swabs for electronic cleaning applications.

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