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Static Dissipative (ESD) Tapes

Static Dissipative (ESD) Tapes

Static Dissipative (ESD) Tapes


Static Dissipative (ESD) Tapes



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Static Dissipative (ESD) Tapes Description:

The Static Problem

Electrostatic charging generates a significant amount of unwanted and potentially damaging electromagnetic interference (EMI) through both triboelectric and inductive charging. The charging occurs primarily in and around electronic component manufacturing, but can occur in a wide variety of manufacturing environments. In many cases, electrostatic charging can be powerful enough to disrupt the normal functions of the electrical equipment and/or damage the components or boards being manufactured which, if not detected, could possibly cause failure later in the product’s lifecycle.

ESD causes upwards of 33% of all product losses in the manufacture and use of microprocessor-based electronic circuit boards, components and electrical products. The cost of failure from electrostatic charging increases by a factor of 10 at every step from the initial manufacture of the individual components to subassembly, test, burn-in, retail and to final product use by customers.

Electrostatic dissipative (ESD) tape products have proven to be an effective solution to manufacturers electrostatic charging problems but not all ESD tapes are equal.

TriboGard™ Technology

The Polyonics ESD single coated, linered tapes eliminate ESD by dissipating static charges. Using its TriboGard technology, Polyonics manufactures tapes that safely dissipate static energy to prevent damage to components, boards and devices. These ESD engineered tapes help solve the most extreme electrostatic problems for specialty die-cut converters and OEMs in the electronics, automotive, aerospace and medical industries.

The TriboGard technology includes a variety of proprietary chemical mechanisms that are used to produce tapes with surface resistances in the range (105-109 Ohm). The tapes provide ideal dissipative properties to help reduce the buildup of electrostatic charges.

In addition, a dual function ESD and halogen-free flame retardant option is available. Other custom constructions are readily accommodated.

The surface resistances of tapes are tested per STD ANSI/ ESD STM.11.11-2006 to ensure that customers receive the best materials for their ESD applications.

Polyonics Static Dissipative (ESD) Tapes Selection:


  • PCK: Polycoated Kraft
  • MOQ: 9" x 1640'










1 mil amber polyimide

Static dissipative

1 mil hi-temp acrylic


Low surface resistance, (105-109Ohm) static dissipative. Low profile PCB masks, flex circuits and electric motors.



2 mil amber  polyimide

Static dissipative

2 mil hi-temp acrylic


Low surface resistance, (105-109Ohm) static dissipative. PCB masks, flex circuits, and electric motors with rough or textured surfaces.



1 mil amber  polyimide

Static dissipative

1 mil FR acrylic


Halogen-free flame retardant, meets UL94 VTM0, high temperature, low surface resistance, (105-109Ohm) static dissipative. High temperature insulation where flame initiated from static charge.



2 mil white  polyester

Static dissipative

2 mil hi-temp acrylic


Low surface resistance, (105-109Ohm) static dissipative. Masking electronic components and motors.



1 mil  Kapton® polyimide

Static dissipative

1 mil  hi-temp white silicone


Low surface resistance, (105-109Ohm) static dissipative. Low profile PCB masks, electrical and thermal insulation for higher and peak temperatures.


  • All products are designed to be die cut with appropriate tooling.
  • Special care should be taken to avoid skin oils or finger prints on the static dissipative side of the tape as they may interfere with measuring surface resistance.
  • Measurements of surface resistance are done in compliance with standard ANSI/ESD STM.11.11 for accurate and repeatable results.
  • The static dissipative properties remain intact during short exposures to temperatures up to 260 C, but can be reduced by exposure to temperature greater than 260 C. Testing of your application is recommended to confirm actual performance.
  • The static dissipative properties can be reduced by exposure to strong acids and bases. Testing in your application is recommended to confirm performance.
  • The surface on which the tape is to be applied should be clean, dry and free of any surface contamination, such as dust, oil or rust. Isopropyl alcohol would be a recommend solvent to clean the surface.
  • Flame retardant tapes are not recognized by UL, but have been tested to the UL94 standard by Polyonics.

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