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Replacement OEM Glue Needles and Vacuum Nozzles


We manufacture replacement OEM parts for the SMT industry. We currently stock replacements for Panasonic and Fuji machines. Send us a sample and we can make quality replacements with quick turn-arounds and excellent prices. And we're not limited to needles and nozzles. We also make pusher blades, glue base adapters, jigs, fixtures, and stamping dies. Call us for all of your machining needs.

Pusher Blades for Radial Lead III machines

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Glue Needles

Glue needles for Panasonic, Fuji, and Phillips Glue machines....

Vacuum Nozzles

Vacuum Nozzles for Pick and Place machines....

Glue Base Adapters

Glue Base Adapters for nozzles...

 Reflow System

Precision Auger Dispense Pump