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XPM3i Reflow Oven

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Global manufacturer of XPM Reflow Ovens, ZEVA Selective Soldering and Delta Wave Soldering Equipment.

Camdenton, Missouri, USA


  • Phone +1-573-317-3008

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XPM3i Reflow Oven

XPM3i Reflow Oven


XPM3i Reflow Oven



Offered by:

Vitronics Soltec


XPM3i Reflow Oven Description:

The Vitronics Soltec XPM3 product platform is the latest evolution in a long history of reflow systems that have proven their capability worldwide and established a reputation for superior reliability. Robust design combined with a unique heat transfer system consistently deliver benchmark thermal performance, precise process control, and superior value for high production in a 24/7 environment.

Standard Features:

  • Autoset profile/recipe generator
  • 350°C maximum setpoint temperature
  • Lifetime warranty on heaters and blowers
  • Flux Flow Control™ flux evacuation system     
  • Patented individual Cell Inlet and Exhaust™ enables optimized gas flow management
  • Active forced convection top and bottom cooling cells
  • Easy to maintain cooling zones

Optional Features:

  • Advanced controlled cooling
  • Nitrogen atmosphere with true air switching and quick purge
  • CAMX host communication software
  • Stack filter
  • Dual lane with independent lane speed control
  • Condensing gas recirculation system
  • Bar code traceability system

Vitronics Soltec's Reflow Ovens

Since their introduction in 1990, virtually all of the Vitronics Soltec Reflow systems supplied are still in operation. With thousands of systems in operation worldwide, they provide unmatched reliability that is the benchmark for the industry.

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