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mySelective 6748 Selective Soldering System

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Global manufacturer of XPM Reflow Ovens, ZEVA Selective Soldering and Delta Wave Soldering Equipment.

Camdenton, Missouri, USA


  • Phone +1-573-317-3008

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mySelective 6748 Selective Soldering System

mySelective 6748 Selective Soldering System


mySelective 6748 Selective Soldering System


Selective Soldering

Offered by:

Vitronics Soltec


mySelective 6748 Selective Soldering System Description:

The Vitronics Soltec mySelective 6748 brings a new dimension to selective soldering technology. It offers the ability to solder each joint under its optimum process parameters. The machine’s architecture allows it to assume an optimized configuration to accommodate the appropriate parameter settings for each individual application.

mySelective 6748 Key Standard Features:

  • MultiWave Solder Pot
  • X-Y fluxer 
  • Inline preheat
  • SMEMA interface 
  • EasyTeach2 Offline Programming

mySelective 6748 Key Optional Features:

  • Closed loop preheat management
  • Precision wave height control
  • Board warpage compensation
  • Forced convection preheat
  • Tandem fluxer in X or Y
  • Fiducial recognition
  • Management information system
  • Advanced process viewing camera
  • SelectWave for single point soldering

mySelective 6747 / mySelective 6748

For high throughput and accuracy, the 6747 / 6748 selective soldering machines from Vitronics Soltec are the answer. These machines are designed to meet the growing challenges of high yields, cost-efficient production, and process control.

Vitronics Soltec's Selective Soldering Systems:

Vitronics Soltec offers a full range of Selective soldering solutions, allowing customers to choose and optimize the best fit for their application. All systems are network capable and automatically collect and deliver the data required by today’s high reliability users in industries such as automotive, medical and military.

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