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Microsection / Cross-Section Analysis

Microsection / Cross-Section Analysis


Microsection / Cross-Section Analysis



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Process Sciences, Inc.

Microsection / Cross-Section Analysis Description:

Please visit our main microsectional analysis page for more information.

Process Sciences uses microsection for both  failure analysis and process validation. Our cross sections reveal intermetallic layers, defects, and other physical characteristics that may not be detectable or measureable using non-destructive methods such as X-ray or CT scan. Our narrow focus on SMT ensures that our technicians have experience with the materials common to circuit assemblies, and are able to produce consistent, high resoution sections to reveal fine details like grain structure and intermetallic layer formations, while avoiding mistakes like scooping of soft metals, over-polishing through target layers, excessive scratching or improper potting technique.


 Cross-sectioning allows PSI to isolate and characterize failure modes such as fractures, delamination, PTH plating integrity, die bond separation, or poor solderability. Sectioned samples can also be viewed using our Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) or Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS) equipment, for ultra high magnification inspection and/or elemental analysis. Even if your failure turns out to be other than attachment related, PSI can help you rule out SMT problems, steering your search toward the real culprit.


No need to wonder whether your process is working. PSI can verifty proper intermetallic layer and fillet formation, fulfilling an essential aspect of your test and validation model. With X-ray inspection and micro-sectioning, PSI can help you take the guesswork out of process validation. Our experienced analysts have practical experience with board fabrication, SMT assembly environments, and deconstruction of both assemblies and components.

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