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Rigid Flex Circuits and Assemblies

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Molex is a global leader in interconnect solutions, as well as custom user-interfaces, membrane switches and flex circuits.

Lisle, Illinois, USA


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Rigid Flex Circuits and Assemblies

Rigid Flex Circuits and Assemblies


Rigid Flex Circuits and Assemblies


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Ideal for hand-held to large storage devices, Rigid Flex Circuits and Assemblies combine the benefits of flexible copper circuitry and rigid PCB circuitry into a unitized power and signal solution for superior reliability, system cost savings and optimized packaging

Rigid flex circuits and assemblies are hybrid constructions consisting of rigid and flexible substrates laminated together into a single structure. Rigid Flex products integrate the features of a PCB with the advantages of flexible printed circuit (FPC) technology. Rigid flex circuits should not be confused with rigidized flex constructions that are simply flex circuits with locally attached stiffener(s) to support electronic components. Rigid Flex circuitry can be built with three to 20 or more layers of conductors. Molex’s Rigid Flex increases reliability and reduces costs by eliminating connectors and cables, allowing tighter packaging and reducing application weight. Rigid Flex Assemblies allow the end user to process multiple board and cable terminations in one pass of the reflow process. It is a complete, applied-cost solution that should be considered early in a customer design.

Rigid Flex Assemblies are part of the Copper Flex product line. For requirements from high-speed signals to power distribution, Copper Flex Assemblies provide solutions where standard rigid boards or cables cannot.

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