MicroCoat Technologies

Manufacturer of UV cure coatings and adhesives for the electronics and microelectronics industries. Materials include new 100% solids "B" staged UV cure epoxy adhesives for sealing microelectronic packages.

Manufacturer of Assembly Material, Adhesives/Dispensing

MicroCoat Technologies flexes its high-tech muscle with military, medical, aerospace, down-the-hole, solar, etc. adhesives and coatings. The company's diverse offerings include UV, Thermal & Air Cure Coatings and Adhesives for the SMD/PCB Assembly, Microelectronics – Chip and Wire, Die Attach, and for virtually any industry. The company's largest customer base is in the US and MCT does about 85% of their business onshore. Headquarters is in McKinney, Texas with satellite facilities in CT and NC.

thermal process software

pcb inspection, aoi, spi - asc international