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Silicon Valley's premier sales representative for capital equipment to semiconductor, test and relat

Manufacturer's Representative

C-G Technology Marketing represents capital equipment companies in Northern California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. We work with semiconductor makers and users, handling, automation, test equipment, software and rework. We are interested in working with overseas companies that have unique products that they want to sell in Silicon Valley.

Software for EMC, CE analysis Software maintenance and upgrade BGA, CSP rework Automation from small projects to work cells

Capital Equipment sales to Silicon Valley
Ten years of sales by engineers to Silicon Valley and Northern California. We are engineers who review the products and uses to ensure a good match.

C-G Technology Marketing Postings

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Chiller/heat exchangers

Temperature control for etchers, wet benches, process control...


IC and module handlers, automation, test...


Handler/prober interface to test, burn in...

Spring probes

Tiny spring probes (also RF) for test and production...

SMT process course

General card design, component packages, equipment, component preparation, solder paste, stencil printing, component placement, reflow profiling, adhesives and all other related topics...

PCB Design & Layout

Layout methodology, Layout specs, Digital/Analogue, High voltage/ high current, High frequency High Speed/Transitions, Differential, Reflection, X-talk, Video/graphics, Impedance / Capacitance / Induction / Resistivity, Earth loop, EMI, etc....

BGA Rework & X-Ray

BGA component types, characteristics, eutectic and non-eutectic solder, ceramics, determination of profiles, equipment, BGA removal, site preparation, reballing, soldering , cleaning etc....

Conformal Coatings

Theory of adhesion, polymer families, physical and chemical properties of epoxies, urethane, silicones, conformal coatings, specifications, applications, properties, performance, curing mechanisms, thermal and UV curing, polymeric inspection, etc....

Comprehensive Analytical Services and Support

Reflow Oven