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PACE IR 3000 Infrared BGA/SMT Rework System

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A recognized developer of solutions for the assembly & repair of highly advanced electronics. PACE provides products/training for the soldering, rework & repair of pcb's, specializing in BGA rework, desoldering & fume extraction.

Vass, North Carolina, USA

Manufacturer, Standards Setting / Certification, Training Provider

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PACE IR 3000 Infrared BGA/SMT Rework System

PACE IR 3000 Infrared BGA/SMT Rework System


PACE IR 3000 Infrared BGA/SMT Rework System


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PACE IR 3000 Infrared BGA/SMT Rework System Description:

Production BGA Installation & Rework
WITHOUT the Expensive Nozzles!

The IR 3000 is the most advanced BGA rework system available on the market today. It can easily
install and remove BGA, QFN, µBGA/CSP, Flip Chip and other SMD's. Featuring a 500W infrared
(IR) top heater and a 1000W IR bottom preheater, the IR 3000 does not require heat-focusing nozzles,
saving you thousands in additional costs. Instead, it uses a unique aperture system to control and
precisely apply the heat to protect adjacent components. Using a high quality, specially developed IR
thermal sensor, the process is completely closed loop temperature controlled using non-contact
measuring methods. Sodr-Cam Reflow Process Observation Camera allows you to watch the entire
reflow process happen in real time.

Exploded view of IR3000 Advanced Features

Operator-Friendly Software ... Thermal Profiling Made Easy

IR3000 Profile Development Software is Truly Operator-Friendly

The IR 3000's fully integrated software and step-by-step instructions makes profiling incredibly simple for
even the most advanced BGA and CSP applications. The software is unique in that it uses PACE-exclusive,
custom developed, PID controllers to control user determined ramp rates by selecting the time and the end
temperature for each phase and provides intuitive set-up, multi-stage profiling, On-the-Fly profile adjustment,
flux-dipping, and much more.

PACE Exclusive Height Adjustable Bottom-Side Preheater

IR3000 Height Adjustable Bottom-Side Preheater

The bottom preheater features an incredibly efficient, high power, quick response quartz IR emitter that is
adjustable when more power is required for high thermal mass applications. The preheater can be adjusted
from its standard position up to 38mm (1.5") closer to the PCB for those applications where additional heat
is desired or needed! This is a unique PACE feature designed especially for use with Lead-Free processes
and your highest-mass, heat-sinking PCB's!

Advanced Features

  • Non-Contact IR Thermal Sensor: For added verification, a closed-loop, non-contact IR Temperature
    Sensor monitors and controls the ramp-up and temperature of the component in real time, by controlling
    the top heater's output throughout the heating process.
  • Sodr-Cam Reflow Process Observation Camera: With its high-resolution, zoom and lighting features,
    Sodr-Cam allows the operator to view the entire reflow process, including the exact moment of solder melt!
    Sodr-Cam is on a movable extension arm that provides great flexibility.
  • Vision Overlay System (VOS) for Precision Optical Alignment: The Vision Overlay System uses a beam
    splitting prism for simultaneous view of PCB pads and component balls, and features a high resolution, color
    digital camera with PC controlled 72x zoom, focus, auto-focus, and lighting control.
  • Active Cooling Fan: During the Cool-Down Phase of a profile, the Active Cooling Fan automatically delivers
    controlled, active cooling of component and PCB, lessening the risk of excessive intermetallic growth and
    yielding high quality solder joints.
  • Automated Flux Dipping Tray: If flux dipping is needed, the part can be automatically dipped in gel or paste
    flux. Flux dipping adds a precise amount of flux to balls of a BGA, preventing the excessive solder voiding
    that occurs when too much flux is applied.
  • Precision PCB Holder: Features precision micrometer X & Y adjustments for the most delicate alignment
    (Theta control is on Reflow Head). Board holder arms with movable clamps provide support for the most
    irregularly shaped boards with unusual edges.
  • Adjustable Component Centering Nest: A removable and adjustable Component Nest is provided for perfect
    centering of components, in preparation for vacuum pick-up/placement.  The part is lifted to the proper height
    above the optics, ready to be aligned to the PCB.
  • Vacuum Picks: The system comes with 6 different size vacuum picks to handle a wide range of components
    as well as a selection of O-rings for irregularly surfaced components. An optional 20 gauge Micro Vacuum
    Pick is also available.

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