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Aoki Laboratories Ltd. is an ISO-9002 certified company specializes in manufacturing of Sn/Pb Bar Solder, Cored Wire and Paste.Environmental friendly products, such as: lead-free solder, no-clean non-halide solder flux, no-clean cored wire and Non-CFC cleaner, are compliance with ISO-14001 requirements.


Aoki is committed to implement the Quality Management programs which ensure conformance to JIS-Z-3282 and ISO-9002 requirements. All staff are responsible for the quality of the company's deliverables.

Environmental Friendly Non-CFC Flux Removers are targeted to apply to the following process: - SMT pinhole cleaning: can replace HCFC-141b; - Suitable for any cleaning machines: ultra-sonic bath; - Remove SMT flux residue; - Remove RA type flux residue; - Suitable for cleaning of any kinds of metal parts.

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Lead-free Solder Products

Sn/3.5Ag, Sn/0.7Cu, Sn/3.9Ag/0.6Cu, Sn/2.0Ag/0.7Cu (for Bar, Wire, Paste, BGA & Anode); Sn/Sb (for Bar); Sn (for Bar, Wire & Anode); Ni/Pd (for Bar, BGA & Anode); Conductive Adhesive (for Paste)....

63/37 or 60/40 or 55/45 Solder Wire

High quality solder wire for both hand and automatic soldering. Available in solid wire and single core with rosin and organic fluxes....

Solder Paste

Tamura's Solder Paste RMA Series is a solder paste, which consists of RMA type flux satifies QQ-S-571E and spherical solder powder with very little oxide. So flux residue after soldering becomes high reliable coating with excellent insulation resist...

No-Clean Flux

SOLDERITE ULF-210RN, ULF-210RNI, ULF-250, ULF-300VZ-3, and ULF-500VS are ultra low residue type flux and these are developed for soldering printed circuit board mounted chip componenets and flat ICs which are for miniaturize and high density purpose....

Dual Lane Reflow Oven

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