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Aoki Laboratories Ltd. [Solder Products Supplier]

Aoki Laboratories Ltd. is an ISO-9002 certified company specializes in manufacturing of Sn/Pb Bar Solder, Cored Wire and Paste.Environmental friendly products, such as: lead-free solder, no-clean non-halide solder flux, no-clean cored wire and Non-CFC cleaner, are compliance with ISO-14001 requirements.

Tuen Mun,, Hong Kong


  • Phone (604) 710-2777
  • Fax (604) 275-0703

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Aoki Laboratories Ltd. [Solder Products Supplier]

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SOLDERITE ULF-210RN, ULF-210RNI, ULF-250, ULF-300VZ-3, and ULF-500VS are ultra low residue type flux and these are developed for soldering printed circuit board mounted chip componenets and flat ICs which are for miniaturize and high density purpose. There is not any trouble such as checker pin because of flux residue is almost nothing.

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