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KIC Profiling Tool Kit

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KIC's provides products and services designed to improve a variety of thermal monitoring, profiling and process control applications.

San Diego, California, USA

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KIC Profiling Tool Kit

KIC Profiling Tool Kit


KIC Profiling Tool Kit



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KIC Thermal


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Profiling is essentially a means to an end. What is important is to set up the oven quickly, and to make sure that each and every product is processed in spec. The KIC Profiling Kit joins the other KIC offerings designed to help electronics manufacturers achieve world-class quality and productivity, and to accomplish this quickly and conveniently. This comprehensive kit contains all the necessary accessories for profiling a PCB including type K thermocouples (TCs), aluminum tape, pick, scissors and a CD of thermocouple attachment videos. KIC profilers have earned a reputation for being exceptionally easy and quick to use and this Profiling Kit is an extension to that quick, convenient profiling experience.

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