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JUKI SENTRY Board Verification System

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Juki Automation Systems Inc. is one of the worlds leading SMT placement companies with over 45,000 machines installed worldwide and is the pioneer of the modular automated assembly line. see for more info.

Morrisville , North Carolina, USA


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JUKI SENTRY Board Verification System

JUKI SENTRY Board Verification System


JUKI SENTRY Board Verification System



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Juki Automation Systems


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JUKI SENTRY Guarantees 100% Correctly Assembled Boards. Boards are inspected at each step of the placement process with innovative sensors allowing only correctly assembled boards to enter the reflow oven. The system does not impact the speed of the line. When/if defects are found, they are shuffled off into a buffer and the line continues to run. Additionally, the system makes no-go decisions, resulting in no false calls and dramatically increasing throughput. The result is 100% first-pass yields.

The Sentry features innovative sensors that monitor every step of assembly.

The Embedded Process Verification (EPV) Placement Monitor consists of an array of micro-cameras equipped with strobing LEDs. The cameras record five shots of each pick-and-place sequence, providing root-cause failure analysis and allowing engineers to quickly diagnose any assembly problem.

The Strobing Imaging Module (SIM) quality monitor photographs boards in segments and then combines them into one image. These sensors, combined with an integrated software package, make the Sentry the most powerful tool available in PCB assembly.

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