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VT-S730 Post Reflow 3D AOI

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Manufacturer of control equipment, factory automation systems, electronic components, automotive electronics, ticket vending machines, medical equipment and PCB inspection systems (SPI, AOI and AXI).

Hoffman Estates, Illinois, USA


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VT-S730 Post Reflow 3D AOI

VT-S730 Post Reflow 3D AOI


VT-S730 Post Reflow 3D AOI



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Omron Inspection Systems


VT-S730 Post Reflow 3D AOI Description:

The VT-S730 is a High Quality Inspection system, meeting the needs of all SMT Processes.

  • 3D-SJI: Unique COMBO patented technology RGB/Phase Shift
  • IPC standard compliance in full real 3D
  • Telecentric Camera Lens
  • Multi-Angled, Oblique Cameras
  • User-Friendly Software and Touch-Screen Interface
  • Programming Software for Quick and Easy Offline Program Creation
  • Real-Time Process Monitoring
  • Repair Station Functionality with full 3D display
  • Data Analysis and Quality Control Software Tools
  • Omron's World Class Service and Support

You can now certify your SMT production with full IPC standard compliance using Omron’s new 3D-SJI technology.

We are proud to announce the launch of our latest advanced technology in Post Reflow AOI system to complete the existing "VT-S Series": The VT-S730.

VT-S series Post Reflow inspection machines have been widely adopted in production lines where high quality control is required, including the automotive industry. VT-S Series uses a new color image processing technology called "color highlight ™ 3D shape reconstruction technology". The result is the quantification of solder joint shape which dramatically improved accuracy and reduced number of false rejects. In the field, production needs are evolving with the consolidation of the traceability, and the implementation of quality management on a global basis.

As a necessity to further requests in quality management, Omron released the VT-S730.

In addition to the color highlight ™ 3D solder shape reconstruction technology, this new machine is now equipped with a specific phase shift inspection technology that makes it a highly efficient inspection system. One major argument here is that it is NOT just another Phase Shift Machine. It is much more than that and the inspection capability of this new machine is unique and the highest on the market.

With this new Combo Technology called 3D-SJI , the VT-S730 can easily detect lifted lead, lifted component, component coplanarity, as well as the highest quality in Solder joint inspection. The VT-S730 is an advanced and best in class 3D AOI system on the market and confirms Omron’s industrial leading position with over 7500 machines installed. Omron gives you a system to allow you to fully comply with IPC/ISO-TS rules and qualify all your SMT process using a unique 3D technology.

We have been a technological leader in AOI for 30 years using real color image processing that even today, provides unsurpassed inspection capability. In addition the new advanced software platform allows very fast and simple programming, resulting in easily achieved High First Pass Yield. Real 3D AOI technology gives the most accurate images and measurements to defineclearly the Quality level you must achieve. Production verification has never been safer and doubt free thanks to 3D image and measurement values related to IPC.

To allow full performance of the S730 platform, Omron have developed an impressive Process Improvement Tool called Q-upNavi. The expert system Q-upNavi provides integrated software tools for the monitoring and improvement of each stage of the manufacturing process including solder paste screen printing, placement, reflow, post solder inspection and X-ray. This module allows complete analysis of the flow of information relevant to the real faults immediately and continuously identifying the real source and therefore enabling targeted intervention. QupNavi also displays 3D images of the defects found by VT-S730, therefore the operator can more easily study and qualify the defects.

Improvement Cycle for High-quality Product Manufacturing

The efficient improvement cycle ensuring the output of high-quality products promotes the "minimization of quality costs".
This can further intensify the environment for quality improvement initiatives.

VT-S730 Features 3

Process Control

Quality Management System Q-up Navi

Quality control during the PCB production process and efforts in process improvement with the post-reflow quality as the starting point are possible.

VT-S730 Features 6

* v-DB compatibility with the X700 is currently under development.

Technologies Supporting 3D-SJI [Patent Pending]

[Omron's Unique Technology]Color Highlight ™ 3D Shape Reconstruction

Uses an optimal principle enabling a stable inspection of the reflection surface such as a solder joint.

VT-S730 Features 8

Auto Generation of Inspection Programs

The vertical startup of inspection programs is possible thanks to the combination of the Color Highlight TM 3D shape reconstruction and phase-shift principle.

VT-S730 Features 10

* Requires post-reflow PCB and mount data.

Quantitative Inspection

Solder and component shapes can be measured

VT-S730 Features 12

Stable Inspection

Reduces the secondary reflection* and shadow interference

* Light reflection on adjacent components or solders

VT-S730 Features 14

Oblique viewing camera incorporated

Enables detecting solders under the components, which is physically undetectable from direct view

VT-S730 Features 15

Land position recognition and correction are performed for each individual image screen, enabling the detection of warped or expanded/contracted PCBs

VT-S730 Features 16

Global Support

More than 30 locations.

VT-X750 Features 23

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