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Manufacturer of real-time X-ray inspection systems & image processing systems.

Consultant / Service Provider, Manufacturer

Glenbrook Technologies manufactures film-based and real-time x-ray inspection systems for the electronics fabrication industry.

Glenbrook Technologies Inc. was founded in 1983 to answer the needs of the electronics industry for real-time x-ray inspection systems designed specifically to inspect printed circuit boards, components and assemblies. In the 1990s, our expertise in x-ray technology led us to develop compact, real-time x-ray inspection systems with unmatched sensitivity and resolution for medical device fabrication and packaging as well as for mail security.

Glenbrook has developed many innovations in real-time x-ray technology, covered by numerous basic patents. As a result of this heritage of innovation, Glenbrook Technologies was honored with induction into "The New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame" at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in 1994

Glenbrook x-ray inspection systems comply with all relevant regulatory requirements and are CE-certified. In more than two decades of use, Glenbrook x-ray inspection systems have maintained the highest standards of safety and dependability in laboratory and production environments around the world.

"Glenbrook has over 1000 installations in over 40 countries worldwide" Australia - Austria - Belgium - Brazil - Canada

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JewelBox Ultra Compact Microfocus X-ray Technology

Real-time X-ray Inspection System Glenbrook Technologies redefines X-ray Inspection with our smallest JewelBox Micro focus x-ray system yet. With dimensions of just 22”W x 26”L, it’s small enough to fit on a stand...


JewelBox Ultra Compact Microfocus X-ray Technology

Image Processors For Real-Time X-ray Inspection Systems

GTI-5000 BGA "Surface Mount" PCB Analysis The GTI-5000 Computer Image Processor is designed for the x-ray analysis of surface mount, BGA and PCB components. The software can provide analysis of BGA defects...


Image Processors For Real-Time X-ray Inspection Systems

X-ray Inspection Services

Rapid Turnaround X-Ray Inspection Services Glenbrook Technologies offers X-ray inspection services for quality control, failure analysis, product development and metrology. Inspection of electronic assemblies in...


X-ray Inspection Services

RTX Series Real-time X-ray Inspection Systems

Innovative, Affordable, Upgradeable Glenbrook's RTX Series of modular, real-time systems includes models designed to meet a variety of production requirements. A well-defined path allows for easy upgrading through years of use....


RTX Series Real-time X-ray Inspection Systems

JewelBox Series Real-time X-ray Inspection Systems

Glenbrook's Jewel Box systems, designed for demanding applications, are used in the world's most discriminating laboratories and research facilities for product development, failure analysis, non-destructive testing and research....


 JewelBox Series Real-time X-ray Inspection Systems

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Medical Device Manufacturing: Designing for X-ray Inspection

Nov 20, 2023 | Gil Zweig

When x-ray inspection is used as part of a quality assurance program for any assembled device, steps must be taken early in the design stage to anticipate the use of x-ray inspection later in the development and production processes. This is a lesson that electronic assembly manufacturers learned years ago, and that medical device manufacturers are also discovering. There are several steps involved in learning how to interpret x-ray images, and how to design for x-ray inspection. First, manufacturers need to understand the nature of the x-ray shadow and its modalities; then they need to see how medical device developers and manufacturers are using x-ray inspection; finally, they need to consider taking measures early in the design process to ensure a clear, accurate image when the assembled device undergoes x-ray inspection....

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Glenbrook Technologies Celebrates 33 Years and 2,500 Installations

Apr 19, 2016 | Glenbrook Technologies celebrates 33 years and 2,500 installations of their innovative, world class, x-ray inspection systems developed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Glenbrook Technologies introduces two new models of popular Jewel Box X-ray Inspection Systems

Mar 02, 2016 | The Jewel Box Ultra Compact is a full featured microfocus x-ray system that can easily fit on a desk or in a small lab. It offers up to 500x geometric and 2,000x electronic magnification. The Jewel Box Oversize is designed for backplane and LED panels. The system can accommodate a 24" x 24" panel and the positioner can fully scan 23" x 12".

Glenbrook Honored by NJ Legislature for X-Ray System Fighting Terrorism

Mar 19, 2003 | The Senate and General Assembly of New Jersey has issued a joint legislative resolution honoring Glenbrook Technologies, Inc. for the company's application of its patented MXRA X-ray camera technology to countering the potential mail threat posed by anthrax and similar products.

Glenbrook Technologies Announces a New X-Ray Inspection CD

Jul 29, 2002 | Glenbrook Technologies has announced the availability of their training publication, "Rapid and Effective X-ray Inspection of BGAs, Using Signature Identification."

Glenbrook Technologie Announces a New X-Ray Inspection System, The MICROTECH RTX-113

Jul 25, 2002 | Glenbrook Technologies has announced the availability of a newly developed X-ray inspection system, MICROTECH RTX113. The MICROTECH model is designed for ultra-high resolution X-ray inspection requirements such as laser drilling of multi-layer PCBs and populated PCBs containing BGAs, uBGAs and Chip Scale Packages (CSPs).

New, Large Capacity, Ultra-High Resolution X-Ray Inspection System.

Jul 25, 2002 | Glenbrook Technologies has announced the availability of a newly developed large capacity, ultra-high resolution X-ray inspection system, "Oversized" Jewel box 90-C. The system facilitates x-ray inspection of larger assembled printed circuit boards (PCBs) up to 18" x 24".

Glenbrook Technologies Donates MXRA (Mail X-ray Analyzer) System To Law Enforcement Agencies in Morris County, NJ.

Jan 30, 2002 | Glenbrook Technologies announced today that through the efforts of Mayor and Freeholder Frank Dreutzler and Morris County Administrator Jim Rosenberg, they are donating the use of their patented, mail X-ray screening technology to law enforcement agencies in Morris County, NJ.

Upgrades For GTI-5000 Image Processing Software For X-Ray Inspection of BGAs

Jan 22, 2002 | Glenbrook Technologies has announced the availability of several upgrades to their newly developed X-ray image processing software, GTI-5000. The latest version software (version 1.06) has been upgraded to run in a Windows XT, Windows 2000, or Windows NT environment and perform complex inspection routines required for leading-edge packaging technologies like TBGA's, Super BGA's, DSP's as well as CSP's and microBGA's.

Glenbrook Technologies Unveils an Ultra-High Sensitivity, Desk-Top, Mail Security X-Ray Inspection Station.

Nov 15, 2001 | Glenbrook Technologies has recently announced the development of an ultra-high sensitivity, desk-top, mail security x-ray inspection station, The MXRA (Mail X-ray Analyzer).

Glenbrook's New Jewel Box X-Ray Systems

Nov 13, 2001 | Glenbrook Technologies Inc., an innovator and leading supplier of Real-time X-ray Inspection Systems to the electronic fabrication and semiconductor assembly industries has announced the availability of a newly developed large capacity, ultra-high resolution X-ray inspection system called the "Oversized Jewel Box 70-T". Glenbrook's award-winning X-ray camera technology combines a 10 Micron, 70kV X-ray source with extremely small "Source to Image Distance" (SID) to capture ultra-high resolution images.

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