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Xpedition Enterprise™ - PCB Design Flow

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A leader in software solutions for electroncs design, Mentor Graphics is the only EDA company with a total end-to-end solution for design though manufacturing.

Wilsonville, Oregon, USA

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Xpedition Enterprise™ - PCB  Design Flow

Xpedition Enterprise™ - PCB  Design Flow


Xpedition Enterprise™ - PCB Design Flow



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Mentor Graphics


Xpedition Enterprise™ - PCB Design Flow Description:

Expedition Enterprise™ Provides highly integrated, comprehensive PCB design-to-manufacturing tools that promote collaboration across the extended enterprise.

Expedition Enterprise™ from Mentor Graphics is the industry’s most innovative PCB design flow, providing integration from system design definition to manufacturing execution. Its unique, patented technologies can reduce design cycles by 50% or more while significantly improving overall quality and resource efficiency.

Expedition Enterprise™ provides a complete portfolio of best-in-class solutions for engineering, design, analysis, manufacturing, and data management, delivering:

  • Full data integrity throughout the entire design and IP management process. This significantly improves project schedules, reducing risks and eliminating error-prone manual data manipulation.
  • Flow-wide concurrent engineering, commonly resulting in a reduction of 30-60% cycle time and up to 80% decrease in integration effort across disciplines. This capability enables multiple engineers to work in parallel at any stage of the design process - even from dispersed global locations.
  • Correct-by-design Methodology and Flow Automation can increase engineering productivity by 40% or more by reducing error rate and eliminating time consuming batch post-processes.
  • Virtual prototyping cuts down costly and time-consuming physical prototypes and opens time for cost and quality optimization by improving electrical, thermal and electromechanical quality and reliability.
  • Integrated design-for-manufacturing to eliminate new product introduction risks by reducing design spins by 60% or more, and optimizing first pass yield by integrating the design chain with the extended supply chain.

Expedition Enterprise™ Products:

PCB Design Creation

Design Creation tools provide the most integrated process for capturing, verifying and communicating design intent through the entire design flow. Capturing schematics, integrating ICs onto your PCB, and capturing/communicating electrical and physical rules to design teams and flow tools combine to provide increased design productivity and quality.

PCB Circuit Simulation

Mentor Graphics offers a complete suite of high-speed PCB design tools: signal and power integrity; analog simulation; thermal analysis; and EMI analysis. These solutions provide the flexibility to meet the needs of the designer at any stage and are unmatched by any other tool set on the market today.

PCB Layout and Routing

With each technological advance in the electronics industry, PCBs grow increasingly complex and challenging to design. Mentor delivers a new standard in scalable tools for the layout, analysis, and manufacture of highly-complex PCBs.

PCB Library and Data Management

Integrate your PCB design process into the electronic design supply chain with Mentor Graphics data and library management solution. Consolidate parts, inventory, and manufacturing requirements along with your board design to streamline and add quality to your process and development cycle.

PCB Fabrication, Assembly, and Test

The Mentor Graphics Valor NPI PCB Design for Manufacturing solutions enable PCB designers to achieve first-time-right designs against the industry’s most complete design rules-sets based on leading solutions from Valor.

“Using the Expedition Enterprise flow, we were able to analyze what needed to be done with high speed constraints, understand the final product and what it needed to look like, and apply the tools to deliver a reliable board.” - Jayson Harames, Printed Circuit Board Designer, L-3 Communications

“We work with 5-6 people concurrently in a design. We’ve been able to cut design time by 25%-50% - even with a higher density product.” - Kontron

“Our success with I/O Designer on this project has convinced us to deploy the tool as a world-wide Agilent standard for FPGA schematic entry.” - Ross MacIsaac a Senior Design Engineer, Agilent

“I finished the complete board in 320 hours - one third the time we anticipated!” - John Mehlmauer, Principal PC Board Designer, Broadcom Corp.

“I'm quite impressed by the power integrity tool. I like that it has both the time domain and the frequency domain simulations.” - Jeff Johnson, Simulations Engineer, Nanya Technology

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