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Preowned assembly, solder, cleaning and test equipment for the printed circuit assembly market. Services include buying, selling, refurbishing, field service, installation, leasing, shipping, disposi

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Known as "The Engineering Company in Pre-owned Assembly Equipment", Electronics Assembly Resource Network, Inc. or EARN, Inc. was founded in 1994 by engineering professionals with over 140 years combined hands-on experience in building pc boards. Today we offer a full range of services including sales, purchasing, refurbishing, shipping, consignments, spares, installation, training, complete turnkey assembly lines, vapor barrier vacuum packaging, financing and more. Unlike brokers who sell equipment that they've never seen and have no expertise in. We control our quality by offering equipment from our own inventory. Equipment that is inspected, tested, and rebuilt by us. We put our name on every piece before it leaves our dock and we stand behind our products.

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Private Equity Acquistions

We have teamed up with Blackmore Partners, LLC of Chicago, an Investment Bank, to provide Private Equity business acquisition opportunities.  Thinking about how to cash out all or part of your equity?  Got an exit strat...


Custom Cables

Custom built cables to your design. Specializing in precision or difficult builds IPC-WHMA-620 and IPC-610 certified operators lead by Ex-NASA fabricators, company is ISO 9001 certified....

Hand Assembly

Void Free Reflow Soldering

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