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Peel Back Force Tester (PBFT)

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A Manufacturer of High Quality, Precision, Automated Fluid Dispensing and Conformal Coating Systems, SMT Cover Tape Peel Tester and Lead Forming machines for through-hole component preparation.

Grand Junction, Colorado, USA


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Peel Back Force Tester (PBFT)

Peel Back Force Tester (PBFT)


Peel Back Force Tester (PBFT)


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Peel Back Force Tester (PBFT) Description:

Peel Back Tester

Proven Peel Back Force Measurement

Supplying consistent SMT carrier packaging is critical for customers using SMT pick-and-place machines. Nothing will stop a production line faster than carrier cover tape that doesn’t peel back properly. The problem is difficult because tape cover adhesive varies widely from supplier to supplier.

In short, correctly measuring, setting up, recording, and then analyzing carrier tape peel back force is a critical production step. That’s why you need GPD’s Peel Back Force Tester (PBFT) with FORCEWare™ software. This is the equipment judged so good it was used to set the peel back force standard for the entire industry.

Peel Back Tester precisely measure the peel back force of a carrier tape to verify your packaging systems are within specification. Results can be printed and stored with the outgoing product.

  • Variable Speed with Windows compatible (either Windows XP or Windows Vista operating system) SPC software package.
  • Measures peel force strength of cover tape on SMT component carrier packaging.
  • Correct peel force strength provides compatibility with SMT Pick & Place systems.

Standard Features

  • Variable speed with SPC software.
  • Meets EIA, EIA-J, and IEC specifications.
  • High accuracy Strain Gauge.
  • Two models of packaging width test capability: 8 to 56 mm and 8 to 120 mm
  • 100 mm to 600 mm per minute speed; selectable in 50 mm increments.
  • GPD Global FORCEWare software with comprehensive SPC Software Package included.
  • CE approved.

GPD’s FORCEWare™ lets Software to interface directly with your computer

FORCEWare™ software allows the user to see, analyze, and record minimums, maximums, and average peel back force and speed, as well as standard deviation. GPD Global’s FORCEWare™ Software with comprehensive SPC Software Package makes testing and evaluation quick, easy, and accurate.

When you manage adhesive peel back force properly... you automatically take a big step toward improving customer satisfaction

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