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High Precision Dispenser - MAX Series (Non-Heated)

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A Manufacturer of High Quality, Precision, Automated Fluid Dispensing and Conformal Coating Systems, SMT Cover Tape Peel Tester and Lead Forming machines for through-hole component preparation.

Grand Junction, Colorado, USA


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High Precision Dispenser - MAX Series (Non-Heated)

High Precision Dispenser - MAX Series (Non-Heated)


High Precision Dispenser - MAX Series (Non-Heated)



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GPD Global

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High Precision Dispenser - MAX Series (Non-Heated) Description:

High SPEED Glue dispensing with GPD Global Max series Glue Dispenser

High Precision Dispensers - MAX Series (Non-Heated)

Max Series is capable of a wide variety of dispense applications including MicroVolume, Solder Paste and Conductive Adhesive, Underfill, Surface Mount Adhesive, Dam and Fill, Encapsulations, LED Encapsulation, and Masks, to name a few.

At the heart of all MAX Series systems is a solid unibody with molded frame yielding outstanding stability and unparalleled accuracy. Standard features include Automatic Vision, Fully Automatic XYZ Needle Calibration with our proprietary backlit calibration station, needle cleaning, surface sensing, and our unique Taper-Lock Pump Mounting hardware.

Depending on the MAX Series configuration, a maximum work area of 14.1" x 12" (358 mm x 305 mm) is possible. Each MAX Series system has X,Y positional capability of +/- 0.001" (25 micron) and Z axis repeatability of 0.0003" (+/-0.007 mm). Utilizing a GPD Global MAX Series dispense system allows you to expand your process capability to new horizons. Process development is made easy when configured with the Process View Camera that allows the operator to view the dispense process on an external monitor.

The MAX Series is available, depending on your production requirements, in either a standalone or inline configuration.

  • Standalone configurations consist of a worktable that measures 16" x 16" (400 mm x 400 mm) and can include vacuum to hold a product during processing. Standard support with the worktable consists of board crowders that push the product to fixed rails on the system. Applications that require greater clearance can use a raised rail kit. Raised rail kits provide 1" (25 mm) of clearance for the bottom side of the product.
  • Inline Configurations are configured with a single station conveyor that communicates with upstream and downstream systems via SMEMA communication. Products are transported via conveyor rails that have a configurable 3 mm or 5 mm edge belt contact. For special applications, custom edge belts can be configured. Securing the product during processing can be handled a variety of ways. The standard support is applied by spring pins that lift the product off the conveyor and clamp it to upper level board stops on the top side of the conveyor rail. If the system is configured with vacuum the spring pins may be replaced or used in conjunction with vacuum support pins. The vacuum pins will lift the product from the conveyor then apply vacuum, pulling the product to the top of the pins. This method is preferred with thin substrates or substrates that have an exceptional amount of warp.

For applications with stringent flatness requirements, a custom vacuum fixture can be used.

To handle a variety of applications and complex processes, MAX Series systems may be configured with up to two different dispense pumps; and change between pumps during a process run. When a second dispense station is added, the system work area decreases to 12" x 12" (305 mm x 305 mm).

MAX Series Standard Features:

  • Mounting for a Single Pump
  • Computer Controlled Syringe Pressure
  • Automatic Backlit Nozzle XYZ Calibration
  • Automatic Nozzle Cleaning
  • Automatic Digital Vision Alignment
  • Contact Surface Sensing
  • Red/Blue Illuminator
  • Tool-less Taper-Lock™ Mounting Hardware
  • FLOware® Operating Software with Smart Path Optimization

Add-On Options are available, please visit www, or contact GPD Global +1(970)-245-0408 for details

Real Time Process Control - FPC

When dispensing fluids, there is always a question about the consistency of the fluid delivered to the pump. Different fluid materials, batches, and levels in the syringe or reservoir can affect flow when fluid is fed from a syringe.

Fluid Pressure Control (FPC) is a breakthrough in uniform fluid dispensing. FPC ensures a constant supply of fluid is always available to the pump regardless of reservoir size or fluid level. FPC provides a consistent feed of fluid to the dispensing pump regardless of reservoir fluid level.  FPC monitors the pressure of fluid entering the dispense pump and makes adjustments to the reservoir feed pressure, resulting in a consistent feed to the dispense pump

FPC is available in all GPD Global dispense platforms.  An offline control system is available to interface with your existing dispense pump.  Contact GPD Global +1(970)-245-0408 for details.

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