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Microscan focuses on technologies of automatic identification, machine vision, and illumination with application solutions ranging from basic barcode reading up to complex machine vision inspection, gauging, and measurement.

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Track, Trace and Control Solutions

Track, Trace and Control Solutions


Track, Trace and Control Solutions



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Complete TTC Solutions for Electronics Applications

Industry leaders within electronics and semiconductor manufacturing need to enable lean manufacturing, assure quality, and optimize efficient use of resources. Microscan products help these companies to maximize quality, productivity, and efficiency through diverse applications such as:

Auto ID Tracking & Traceability

  • Printed circuit board traceability
  • Sub-assembly tracking
  • Traceability through SMT processes
  • Quality assurance
  • Semi-back wafer tracking

Machine Vision

  • Wafer positioning
  • Location & alignment for pick and place
  • Color matching
  • Ball grid array inspection
  • Die attach bond inspection
  • Robotic guidance

What are Track, Trace, and Control Solutions?

Adding Track, Trace and Control (TTC) can improve outbound product quality in several important and measurable ways. Simply by catching potential problems in real time, you can inexpensively prevent problems from ever leaving the work cell or manufacturing area.

TRACK (Present) - Auto ID and machine vision are used to track parts that are work-in-process (WIP). Tracking specific parts and their locations provides critical data that plant floor managers use to maximize yield based on available capacity.       

TRACE (Past) - Traceability is the ability to recreate or “trace” the manufacturing steps, processes, or location of a part before it becomes a completed assembly. Item level traceability is critical because it allows for quick containment of parts that may have undergone suspect or incorrect manufacturing processes.   

CONTROL (Future) - Control is used to decide what step or future process a part must undergo. Machine vision inspection is a key element in many quality control processes and ensures that parts that do not meet exacting standard are rejected before moving further into the supply chain.

Examples of Electronics Inspection & Identification

  • PCBs
    • Traceability using directly marked Data Matrix
    • Traceability using barcodes or PDF417 on labels
    • Inspection for fi ducial presence and quality
    • Epoxy dots presence/absence and size
    • Assembly verifi cation for specifi c components
  • Flex circuits, hybrid circuit substrates, and strain gauges
    • Various dimensional inspections on circuit traces
    • Open/short circuit checks
    • Unit level traceability using Data Matrix

Microscan’s Track, Trace and Control Solutions help customers cut cost, cut waste, automate critical manufacturing processes, monitor quality, and increase production yield. Today’s expanding need for higher production output at even lower cost puts some tough demand on manufacturing teams. Many manufacturers and quality managers today depend on Microscan technologies - such as barcode automatic identification and machine vision - as the backbone for their Track, Trace and Control Solutions.

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