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UV-Tracker RM-41

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Dr. Gr�bel UV-Elektronik GmbH

Besides our standard line of UV-electronics such as UV-lamps, UV-monitors, UV-sensors, radiometers, photometers, spectrometer we develop and produce individual solutions to customer's requirements. We offer extensive services including calibration.

Ettlingen, Germany

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UV-Tracker RM-41

UV-Tracker RM-41


UV-Tracker RM-41

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Dr. Gr�bel UV-Elektronik GmbH

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The instrument can be applied for control of the radiation profile in UV-dryer channels. The integrated sensor is available for different spectral ranges (UVA, UVB, UVC). Due to the flat housing the measuring device can be directly applied in the dryer channel. Data record is automatically started when entering the channel. Serial interface and a comprehensive software package for data evaluation are included. The data are displayed on the PC and irradiation dose can be calculated for any interval. A zoom function allows exact analysis of the recorded data. In coating technology diminished UV-power caused by dirt or deterioration of lamps may result in incomplete networking leading to loss of production. Using the UV-tracker the irradiation dose being responsible for the curing process can be continuously controlled to avoid loss of production caused by coating failures.

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