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The Biggest Seller in China & HK for Used / Reconditioned SMT & AI equipment. Expert in Panasert, Fuji, Yamaha etc. Dongguan YS. Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of subsidiary companies, mainly engaged in


 YS market leader of electronics equipment industry. Since establishment in the year 1997, for over 16 years, we have accumaulated abundant experience of maanagement, market, production, technologies and technique, to provide SMT/AI total solution for the customer. Ouri business range include 'Rseconditioned SMT/AI Equipment', 'Distributing Brand New Equipment', 'Parts Sadles', Maintenance', 'Equipmesnt Rental Service'and'Used Equipment Trade In', etc. Now, our valuable customers are all over mainland China and Asia. DAIICHI has become the leading supplier of reconditioned equipmenyt industry in Asian area.
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