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Pioneer of numerous productivity enhancing tools designed to optimize SMT electronic equipment and processes. Innovator of the award-winning Grid-Lok, Magna-Print and Stinger technologies.


One of the industry’s most innovative technology developers, Ovation Products has pioneered numerous simple yet highly effective solutions that solve longstanding electronics manufacturing problems.  Founded in 1999, our youth is not indicative of the staff’s expertise or the impact our products have had on the marketplace. In less than 10 years, Ovation has launched the multi-award winning Grid-Lok®, HD Grid-Lok®, Magna-Print™ and Stinger™ productivity solutions and now boasts an installed base of over 4,000 systems worldwide.

In 1999, Ovation introduced Grid-Lok, the industry’s leading reconfigurable board support technology.  Ideal for high-mix environments and quick product changeover, Grid-Lok and its high-density successor, HD Grid-Lok, (now know as Grid-LokGold™) have arguably transformed versatile tooling techniques for modern electronics manufacture. Other notable Ovation products include universal squeegee technology, Magna-Print, and printer-adaptable dispense system, Stinger. All are imaginative technologies that are easy to use, offer considerable manufacturing flexibility and lower production costs.  In 2011, Ovation Products introduced a new product: Grid-Lok Silver™.  Its unique design combines the benefits of manual locking modules with the obvious advantages of easy upgrade to automatic tooling.  A manual Grid-Lok Silver™ Kit can be upgraded if you decide to invest in an automatic solution.

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Q-Lok PCB Clamping System

The device eliminates the conventional vacuum chamber board fixture that is common on most MPM printers and is retrofitted in approximately one hour. Q-Lok provides secure, "over the top" type PCB clamping as well as a tool...

Magna-Print SMT Squeegee Holder System

The Magna-Print system consists of a patent-pending universal fit squeegee holder, infinitely adjustable paste deflectors and corresponding blades to accommodate any PCB size. The quick-change blade holder is equipped with an arrangement of magnets a...

Magna-Print SMT Squeegee Holder System

Grid-Lok Gold™ - Fully Automatic Pnuematic PCB Support

Premium Automatic PCB Support for SMT Processes Ovation’s award-winning Grid-Lok Gold™ automatic substrate support technology provides electronics manufacturers with a robust alternative to costly and often problematic...

Assembly Services

Grid-Lok Gold™ - Fully Automatic Pnuematic PCB Support

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Ovation's New Website Simplifies Product Selection for Customers

Oct 01, 2012 | With its new website, Ovation Products has streamlined product selection for its customer worldwide. Not only is the new site more modern and visually appealing, but it is also very easy to navigate and makes choosing the proper technology simpler than ever before.

Ovation's Grid-Lok Silver Technology Showcased at Productronica 2011

Oct 28, 2011 | Ovation Products has developed a breakthrough technology that will no doubt become the standard automatic tooling system for modern pick and place processes. The system, called Grid-Lok Silver, offers a manual to automatic option unique among reconfigurable PCB support tools and will be showcased from Hall A3, Stand 112 at this year’s Productronica event in Munich, Germany.

Solder Paste Deposition Made Easier by Ovation's Magna-Print™ DeFlex

Jun 01, 2011 | In another technology development breakthrough, Ovation Products announces that it has designed an enhancement to its proven Magna-Print™ universal blade holding system that makes paste deposition even more robust.

Ovation launches Grid-Lok Gold; offers free Magna Print blades.

Mar 27, 2010 | Ovation on Booth 1173 at APEX is focused on innovative tools that optimize customers’ print processes to deliver great returns on investment. Taking centre stage is Grid-Lok Gold, the company’s latest fully automatic tooling solution for board and substrate support being launched at APEX 2010. Accompanying is Magna Print, a universal squeegee blade holder and paste deflector system – complete with compelling special APEX offer.

Stinger� Printer-adaptable Dispensing Technology

Apr 19, 2009 | Recently launched at the Apex exhibition in Las Vegas, Ovation Products' brand new and award-winning Stinger� adhesive dispenser is currently attracting attention industry-wide. Offering unmatched equipment utilization, Stinger enables dual function capability from a single screen printer.

Grid-Lok� Automatic PCB Support

Apr 19, 2009 | Ovation Products' Grid-Lok� board support technology, available in both standard and high-density versions, delivers robust substrate stability in a reconfigurable framework, enabling ultimate process versatility and maximum support.

Ovation Products celebrates SMT Vision Award win for innovative dispensing technology

Apr 09, 2009 | The team at Ovation Products has much to celebrate at this year's Apex exhibition, not least being named as an SMT Vision Award winner in recognition of its innovative dispensing technology, Stinger�. Presented to Ovation Products Chief Technology Officer, Charlie Moncavage, during a ceremony at Las Vegas' Mandalay Bay Hotel on March 30th, the award reinforces Stinger's ability to transform conventional print platforms into dual function systems.

Ovation to showcase advanced technologies at Apex 2009, Booth 1747

Mar 23, 2009 | The team at Ovation Products is preparing to showcase a whole host of innovative technologies on booth 1747 at this year's Apex exhibition, being held in Las Vegas over March 31st � April 2nd. The advanced technology developer will demonstrate its proven Magna-Print� universal squeegee blade system and Grid-Lok� automatic tooling solution, in addition to launching its brand new Stinger low volume adhesive dispenser live at the show.

Stinger� Printer-adaptable Dispensing Technology

Mar 09, 2009 | Offering unmatched equipment utilization, Ovation's Stinger� modular dispensing technology transforms traditional screen printing platforms into dual-function systems, enhancing the capability of the machine by enabling a dispensing process on board the printing system and, thus, saving valuable floor space and reducing equipment costs.

Magna-Print� Universal Squeegee System

Mar 09, 2009 | Ovation Products' Magna-Print� universal squeegee technology delivers a single system that accommodates all squeegee blade requirements. Equipped with a unique blade locking system, a wide variety of standard blade sizes and types, a paste deflector and angle converters, the Magna-Print system offers one simple tool that allows for robust performance and fast, easy blade changes.

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