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Rotary Squeegee Print Head

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Minami is the largest Japanese manufacturer of screen printers for the surface mount and semiconductor industry. A unique backbone technology and patented solutions for print heads and squeegees result in leading accuracy and print repeatability.

Torrance, California, USA


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Rotary Squeegee Print Head

Rotary Squeegee Print Head


Rotary Squeegee Print Head

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Minami�s Rotary Squeegee is a high precision print head with enclosed print material (solder, adhesive, etc.) allotted from inexpensive laminated plastic bags. It applies the �paste rolling formula�. Real time paste monitoring ensures the optimum amount (diameter) of solder paste in front of the squeegee at all times, which is essential to keep the paste rolling (according to the principle of rolling fluids). The rolling of the paste guarantees a stable print process paramount for high yield fine pitch printing and wafer bumping. Paste consumption is 20% less than traditional squeegees which results in huge savings, particularly for more expensive lead-free paste. The savings are due to the monitoring system (no over-supply) and the fact that literally no paste remains on the screen after each print stroke. In addition, the plastic bags containing the paste can almost completely be emptied. The print head is ready to be used with nitrogen (optional) to avoid paste oxidation completely.

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