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Reflow Oven - 1936/2043 Mark5

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Heller Industries Inc.

Manufacturer of reflow soldering ovens for automated SMT PCB assembly, specializing in: lead free processing and nitrogen reflow = the best convection reflow ovens on the market.

Florham Park, New Jersey, USA

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, OEM, Soldering

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Reflow Oven - 1936/2043 Mark5 Description:

The ultimate high volume production reflow oven with belt speeds up to 1.4 m/min to accommodate the fastest pick and place systems.

  • Lead Free Certified reflow oven!
  • Maintenance Free!
  • Lowest Nitrogen & Electrical Usage!
  • Integrated Cpk software at No Charge!

The 1936 and 2043 MK5 reflow oven systems deliver the highest levels of repeatability with the lowest delta Ts. The latest breakthroughs associated with the Mark 5 reflow system now provide you with an even lower cost-of-ownership. Heller's new heating and cooling advances deliver up to 40% reduction in nitrogen and electrical consumption. This makes the MK 5 system not only the premier reflow soldering system but the best overall value in the industry!

Reflow Oven Innovation for Your Benefit

Advancements like the invention of the first waterless / filterless flux separation system earned Heller the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Award for Innovation in reflow soldering. But more importantly, this development extended preventative maintenance intervals from weeks to months for our systems. Additional breakthroughs in energy management have helped Heller's customers remain environmentally responsible while still maintaining their sustainability guidelines.

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