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Magnetic shielding that works. We manufacture custom magnetic shields for industry using high permeability materials. Shielding materials available for your design.

MuShield has been in the business of providing magnetic shielding to industry for over 50 years. Our engineers are trained to design and fabricate cost effective magnetic shielding solutions. Our precision machining and in-house heat treating services guarantee shields that work. If you require high permeability materials to design your own shields, we have sheet, foil, tubing, and bar stock in stock. We also sell two generous Sample Kits for those of you who require a small shield or who want to experiment with a shield design. The cost: $179 and $189. Order on-line or call us Toll Free: (888) 669-3539

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MuShield Catalog & Design Guide

The MuShield Catalog & Design Guide is a comprehensive tool containing information about custom shield design and fabrication, and heat treating for magnetic shields. We outline the characteristics of high permeability materials, and provide guidel...

MuShield Catalog & Design Guide
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