Precision Engineered Ceramics, Inc.

Precision Engineered Ceramics, Inc. produces precision machined ceramic spares for semiconductor wafer processing equipment. In addition, we offer fast delivery of complex geometry ceramic components made from high purity aluminum oxide (alumina).

P.E. Ceramics and our staff of advanced material application engineers is your ideal partner for high-quality, precision machined ceramic components. Advanced ceramics have many unique properties: high hardness, inert, excellent corrosion resistance, stable at elevated temperatures, excellent strength and toughness, tailorable electrical properties, and fine grain size/low porosity. P.E. Ceramics is your ideal partner because we offer fast delivery of complex geometry parts in a wide range of material solutions. We excel at applications engineering to provide the most cost effective solution to meet the demands of your application. Ceramic materials include high purity alumina (aluminum oxide), aluminum nitride, zirconia (zirconium oxide), silicon carbide, silicon nitride, and low CTE machinable ceramics. In addition, electrostatc discharge (ESD) safe ceramics are now available. Whether you are seeking precision ground ceramic spares or injection molded ceramic components, P.E. Ceramics is your one source partner who can meet all of your requirements. Contact us today. We look forward to serving your needs.

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