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The portable FLUXUS� ADM 6725 flowmeter from Katronic Technologies utilises ultrasonic technology for accurate energy efficiency measurement across a wide range of industries. Climate Change Levy The introduction of the Climate Change Levy will cost UK businesses millions of pounds in the coming years. Furthermore, inefficient systems, poor system balancing and leakages will compound the existing emissions production and energy consumption of an organisation. Solution This need not be the situation for all businesses. By using the ADM 6725 it is possible to easily monitor the energy consumption of a plant or system and to discover problems that if left unnoticed will cost a company money. The ADM 6725 is suitable for clean and dirty liquids and can be applied to any standard pipe with diameters ranging from 6 mm to 6.5 m. All measurements are undertaken non-invasively, the sensors are simply clamped onto the outside of the pipe. There is no need to break into the pipework and measurements can be undertaken without process interruption. This means no process down time, no loss of production and no maintenance costs. Specification The ADM 6725 can be supplied with integrated clamp-on temperature sensors in order to monitor energy flows in Watts or Joules. Furthermore, all measured data can be totalised and stored in the internal datalogger and then transferred to a PC where it is analysed using the supplied graphic software. Some examples of applications currently being performed by this flowmeter include, energy measurement in breweries, system balancing on large air conditioning systems, consumption measurements, leak detection, meter inspection, and general survey work. For further information, please contact Katronic Technologies Ltd. on (01926) 882954 or

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