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LPKF MicroLine 1120 S - Laser Depaneling System

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With its broad product range LPKF is one of the world market leaders in the "in-house rapid PCB prototyping" and "StencilLaser" services

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LPKF MicroLine 1120 S - Laser Depaneling System

LPKF MicroLine 1120 S - Laser Depaneling System


LPKF MicroLine 1120 S - Laser Depaneling System



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LPKF Laser & Electronics


LPKF MicroLine 1120 S - Laser Depaneling System Description:

Laser Depaneling of Populated PCBs

Low Cost Option for Depaneling

Inexpensive Entry into UV Laser Processing

The LPKF MicroLine 1120 S is perfect for cutting break-out tabs and complex contours at highest accuracy. The benefits include shorter time to market and much higher quality cuts than conventional methods. The machine’s UV laser is an optimal tool for making clean, burr-free cuts in FR4, FR5, CEM, ceramic, polyimide, polyester and other printed circuit board substrates. The laser demonstrates its superiority over conventional cutting systems when handling flexible and very thin substrates in particular. The built-in exhaust unit removes all the material evaporated by the laser energy, leaving a residue-free surface, all this in the price-range of a conventional cutting machine.

Stress-Free Operation for the Material and the Operators

The UV laser will cut substrates even right next to delicate components and tracks without causing any mechanical stress. This allows small subassemblies with much higher assembly densities to be realized, even being populated right up to the edge of the printed circuit board. Another advantage of this stress-free method is the minimization of rejects due to outstanding CpK even at tightest tolerances. The very attractive price and improved product quality are excellent benefits for manufacturers looking to enhance innovations. Low price, low power consumption, low weight, small footprint – yet excellent efficiency plus outstanding cutting quality.

Enhanced Processing Quality

The LPKF MicroLine 1120 S boasts many advantages: conversion times and time-to-market no longer depend on product-specific tools – just load the new layout data and the machine is ready to go, resulting in new freedoms in manufacturing. The UV laser cuts printed circuit boards with dimensions up to 250 x 350 millimeters. With a focus width of 20 ?m, the beam cuts very narrow channels and copes with even the tightest radii. Laser power measurement takes place at the laser source and at the PCB surface – for a secure cutting process. Components can be positioned right up to the cutting edge to save space and material. No clamping and fixation clearance required.

Simple and Safe

Thanks to the specialized laser source and a compact control panel with touch screen and easy-to-use software, the LPKF MicroLine 1120 S operates at the push of a button. The optimal focus of the laser beam adjusts automatically. The system uses fiducials, board edges or even individual break-out tabs to identify the position of the printed circuit boards and perfectly placed cuts.

The LPKF MicroLine 1120 S is a compact class 1 laser system. A security glass enclosure pane prevents accidents by absorbing laser reflection.

Shorter Product Pipelines

Just click on a layout files instead of manufacturing expensive tools – that’s how easy the LPKF MicroLine 1120 S can be employed to process different products. Users enjoy cutting edge competitive advantages thanks to the very high quality and flexible production planning. The MicroLine 1120 S is remarkably compact, easy to operate, with an outstanding price performance ratio – a welcome addition to the electronics production team.

Sensitive, Accurate Process

The non-contact process prevents mechanical deformation – the laser beam singulates boards Keeping delicate circuits safe. Micro cracks or delamination effects are no longer an issue; as well as dust/chips on the board or burr formations. The LPKF MicroLine 6000 S allows for optimum yield and helps to meet tight tolerances with perfect accuracy.

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