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Solutions for your Engineering challenges Phoenix Designs provides turn-key or task specific services for the hardware and firmware design of embedded micro controller based or discrete control systems. The design team has experience in "C" and assembly language programming and offers considerable expertise in high volume, cost sensitive hardware designs utilizing new technology and off-shore manufacturing. We can reverse engineer older products to upgrade the technology while maintaining functionality, or convert new ideas into prototypes for engineering evaluation. We can design your hardware, develop the software, layout the PCB, build prototype assemblies, and deliver production quantities, all with the same in-house design team. In addition to our design services, Phoenix Designs can also provide independent testing, evaluation, and validation of new or existing products. Electronic Design Discrete analog and digital controllers, battery chargers for most battery chemistries, A. C. power control, sensors, and our specialty, embedded micro-controller products with custom LCD's. Our controller designs include Consumer, Medical, and Industrial applications. Software Development Including but not limited to Motorola, Zilog, Toshiba, NEC, Microchip (PIC), Intel, National, and Oki Processors. Languages include Assembly, C, and Visual Basic.

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