LGA Rework Services

LGA Rework Services

LGA Rework Services


LGA Rework Services


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BEST offers professional rework, repair and prototype builds of PCBs. Our expertise is on BGA rework and QFN rework. Our experienced instructors teach professional soldering classes as we are an IPC certified training center

Rolling Meadows, Illinois, USA

Repair/Rework, Service Provider, Soldering

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Reliable LGA Rework Services to Rescue Your Project

BEST is your source for LGA rework services.

We can optimize our processes to make sure voiding is minimized and the interconnection to all of the IO meets the IPC classification for the assembly.

BEST has a variety of  anlyticalinspection tools that help us optimize the LGA rework process. The small spot size, 3D x-ray system can measure the voiding in the inspection area in order to verify that it meets the inspection standards. In addition the x-ray will help to determine that the connection between part and board is confirmed. Finaly the endoscopic imaging system helps confirm that the flux residues are properly cleaned out from underneath the partand the interconnections meet the appropriate inspection standards.

LGA Rework Services We Offer

BEST's services portfolio includes:

  • Leadless Component Removal
  • Site Preparation
  • Component Salvage
  • Replacement of Components
  • Optical and X-ray Verification
  • Changes to Circuit Design
  • Repairs of Pads,Traces, and Masks

Call BEST Inc today in order to make sure your LGA rework service project is handled with care and professionalism.

View LGA Rework Services on BEST Inc. website

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