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Single Splice Tape

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Tape splicing products for SMD and Thru-Hole placement equipment. We offer the highest quality at the lowest price! Single, double, double edge, clip and splice, and smart splice tape; tape extenders, cutting and splicing tools.

Surfside Beach, South Carolina, USA

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Single Splice Tape

Single Splice Tape


Single Splice Tape


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Smart Splice LLC


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Single splice tape (K.0208.0, K.0212.0, K.0216.0, or K.0224.0) is used for splicing together the cover tape of either 2 reels of taped components, or 2 strips of taped components. Single splice tape is usually used in conjunction with SMD brass splice clips and a K.SPL tape splicing tool. Single splice tape can be used with any width tape, either cardboard or plastic carrier tape, and either pressure sensative or heat sealed cover tape.

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